2022-06-20 Michael McMasterUse Docker to build firmware and scsi2sd-util6 master
2022-05-14 Michael McMasterUpdate CHANGELOG for 6.4.14 releas v6.4.14
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterReduce IRQ delays
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterDisable direct read code over 128 sectors as it's not...
2022-02-15 Michael McMasterFix SD hotswap regression
2022-02-06 Michael McMasterImprove SD hotswap detection
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterExpand direct SD interface to reads over 128 sectors
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterPerformance improvements for 2021 boards
2022-01-29 Michael McMasterWorkaround for Windows handling USB errors when no...
2022-01-20 Michael McMasterv6.4.13 release v6.4.13
2022-01-15 Michael McMasterTrack start/stop status per virtual scsi device.
2021-11-18 Michael McMasterFix for CD emulation stopping the SCSI drive during...
2021-10-30 Michael McMasterFix for 2Gb cards being detected as 1Gb
2021-10-12 Michael McMasterFix for writes with sector sizes larger than 512 bytes
2021-08-24 Michael McMasterUpdate build util to support python 3.
2021-08-10 Michael McMasterUpdate for release v6.4.12
2021-08-09 Michael McMasterFix USB disconnect issue when no SD card is installed
2021-05-31 Michael McMasterAdd SD keep-alive to ensure it responds immediately v6.4.11
2021-05-27 Michael McMasterRemove the obsolete blind-writes config option
2021-05-23 Michael McMasterImprove stability of fpga async mem interface v6.4.10
2021-05-21 Michael McMasterPrevent 16bits of data hanging around and confusing... v6.4.9
2021-05-21 Michael McMasterFixes for FMC interface corruption v6.4.8
2021-05-19 Michael McMasterDisable the FMC fifo until we have code that can detect... v6.4.7 v6.4.7
2021-05-18 Michael McMasterSimplify SD card busy waiting
2021-05-18 Michael McMasterFix up issues running on revF boards
2021-05-13 Michael McMasterDon't send SD Complete Transfer command for single... v6.4.6
2021-05-11 Michael McMasterImprove IRQ handler responsiveness v6.4.5
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterSlight write speed improvement v6.4.4
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterBump up the version number
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterSwap IRQ priorities of DMA and SD so the DMA has higher...
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterEnsure debug logs are triggered by a timer to catch...
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterImprove detection of 2021 boards and firmware updates...
2021-05-04 Michael McMasterUpdate changelog v6.4.3
2021-05-04 Michael McMasterFix scsi write issues
2021-05-03 Michael McMasterFix USB mass storage error responses on windows with... v6.4.2
2021-05-03 Michael McMasterscsi2sd-util6 fix for detecting boards under Windows...
2021-05-03 Michael McMasterFix issue with SCSI timeouts if writes take too long
2021-05-03 Michael McMasterFew bug fixes to wait for SD card to be finished
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyAdd option to skip building dfu-util
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyUse WxWidgets linker flags for scsi2sd-test
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyAvoid -Wstringop-overflow warning
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix RPM spec file
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix memory leaks
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix invalid implicit conversion from wxString to std...
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix mismatched new/delete
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix buffer overflow in GTerm::update_changes()
2021-04-26 Jonathan WakelyFix warning about redefinition of _GNU_SOURCE
2021-04-24 Michael McMasterCleanup cubemx files
2021-04-23 Michael McMasterFix SD card corruption due to not waiting for SD to... v6.4.1
2021-04-23 Michael McMasterFix up SCSI timing and data corruption on 2021 boards
2021-04-20 Michael McMasterFix implementation of USB MSC READ FORMAT CAPACITIES...
2021-04-14 Michael McMasterProvide better USB Mass Storage experience with no...
2021-04-09 Michael McMasterUpdate scsi2sd-util6 to identify the 2021 board
2021-04-09 Michael McMasterUpdate USB Product strings based on board version
2021-03-21 Michael McMasterVersion bump to 6.4.0, 2021 initial build v6.4.0
2021-03-09 Michael McMasterDon't check if the SD card is removed while in the...
2021-03-09 Michael McMasterAdding CRC routines (to be used later to detect config...
2021-03-09 Michael McMasterImproved reliability of USB config interface (port...
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterSTM32Cubemx patches for rev f firmware
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterMore work to merge revF and 2020/2021 branches
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterMerge branch '2020a'
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterMigrate to STM32Cubemx v1.8
2021-03-02 Michael McMasterHalve FMC timings for clk/2 MCO1 freq 2020a
2021-03-02 Michael McMasterV2021 board is now working
2021-02-23 Michael McMasterReapply STMCubeMX patches and FIX USB sense codes and...
2021-02-22 Michael McMasterReduce IRQ priority of the SDIO device to speed up...
2021-02-22 Michael McMasterMerge branch 'master' into 2020a
2021-02-22 Michael McMasterUse configured serial number in inquiry responses
2021-02-16 Michael McMasterTimer fixes
2021-02-15 Michael McMasterFix USB endpoint Fifo sizes
2021-02-15 Michael McMasterMore USB fixes
2021-02-15 Michael McMasterApple STMCUBEMX patches
2021-02-15 Michael McMaster2021 cubemx: reducing GPIO speeds where possible.
2021-02-15 Michael McMasterMore fixes, SD over USB HS still not working
2021-02-13 Michael McMasterFix DMA IRQ priorty to be less than the SDIO IRQ
2021-02-09 Michael McMaster2021 USB HS interface now working, but SD card initiali...
2021-02-06 Michael McMasterFixes for 2021 board
2021-02-06 Michael McMasterSTMCUBEMX to 1.8 update
2021-02-02 Michael McMasterInit the FS USB device in STM32CUBEMX generated code
2021-02-01 Michael McMasterAttempt to complete 2021 and 2020c on the same branch
2020-10-27 Michael McMasterInitial support for cross-compiling scsi2sd-util6 with...
2020-10-27 Michael McMasterInitial support for cross-compiling scsi2sd-util6 with...
2020-10-24 Michael McMasterFix issue setting new Blind Writes config option
2020-10-24 Michael McMasterFix issue setting new Blind Writes config option
2020-10-12 Michael McMasterAdd new "blind write" option to increase write command... V6.3.2-2020
2020-10-12 Michael McMasterAdd new "blind write" option to increase write command... V6.3.2
2020-09-01 Michael McMasterIncrease limit of READ/WRITE BUFFER command for improve...
2020-09-01 Michael McMasterIncrease limit of READ/WRITE BUFFER command for improve...
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterFix error in merging 2020 board files v6.3.1
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterInclude missing files v6.3.1-2020
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterFix hardware version checks for V6 revF and older boards
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterAdd hardware version checks, and embed version marker...
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterAdd hardware version checks, and embed version marker...
2020-02-26 Michael McMasterMore updates for V6 2020c hardware v6.3.0-2020
2020-02-19 Michael McMasterGet SCSI interface working with 2020c hardware
2020-02-18 Michael McMasterChanges to support V6 2020c hardware
2020-02-18 Michael McMasterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2020a
2020-02-16 Michael McMasterModify dfu-util to use the UsbDk driver via libusb. v6.3.0
2020-02-15 Michael McMasterFix regression preventing some machines from booting
2020-01-30 Michael McMasterFix for large writes and data corruption over 64k 6.2.15