Many bug fixes, including selection fixes.
[SCSI2SD.git] / software / SCSI2SD / SCSI2SD.cydsn / SCSI2SD.cycdx
2014-02-14 Michael McMasterMany bug fixes, including selection fixes.
2013-10-29 Michael McMasterAdded the scsi2sd-config utility, and updated firmware...
2013-10-26 Michael McMasterUpdated firmware for PCB Revision 3.0
2013-10-20 Michael McMasterSCSI data read/write implemented using the PSoC datapath
2013-10-14 Michael McMasterWrite performance improvements.
2013-10-11 Michael McMasterMulti-sector writes, increased SPI clock to 24MHz,...
2013-10-02 Michael McMasterCreating new repository to prune history.