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2022-06-20 Michael McMasterUse Docker to build firmware and scsi2sd-util6 master
2022-05-14 Michael McMasterUpdate CHANGELOG for 6.4.14 releas v6.4.14
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterReduce IRQ delays
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterDisable direct read code over 128 sectors as it's not...
2022-02-15 Michael McMasterFix SD hotswap regression
2022-02-06 Michael McMasterImprove SD hotswap detection
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterExpand direct SD interface to reads over 128 sectors
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterPerformance improvements for 2021 boards
2022-01-29 Michael McMasterWorkaround for Windows handling USB errors when no...
2022-01-20 Michael McMasterv6.4.13 release v6.4.13
2022-01-15 Michael McMasterTrack start/stop status per virtual scsi device.
2021-11-18 Michael McMasterFix for CD emulation stopping the SCSI drive during...
2021-10-30 Michael McMasterFix for 2Gb cards being detected as 1Gb
2021-10-12 Michael McMasterFix for writes with sector sizes larger than 512 bytes
2021-08-24 Michael McMasterUpdate build util to support python 3.
2021-08-10 Michael McMasterUpdate for release v6.4.12
10 months ago v6.4.14
13 months ago v6.4.13 v6.4.13
19 months ago v6.4.12 v6.4.12
21 months ago v6.4.11 v6.4.11
21 months ago v6.4.10 v6.4.10
22 months ago v6.4.9 v6.4.9
22 months ago v6.4.8 v6.4.8
22 months ago v6.4.7 v6.4.7
22 months ago v6.4.6 v6.4.6
22 months ago v6.4.5
22 months ago v6.4.4 v6.4.4
22 months ago v6.4.3 v6.4.3
22 months ago v6.4.2 In-progress 6.4.2 release. Do not...
22 months ago v6.4.1
2 years ago v6.4.0 v6.4.0
2 years ago V6.3.2-2020 V6.3.2
9 months ago master
13 months ago initiateNegotiate
22 months ago v6.4.7
2 years ago 2020a
2 years ago mutlidev