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2022-06-20 Michael McMasterUse Docker to build firmware and scsi2sd-util6 master
2022-05-14 Michael McMasterUpdate CHANGELOG for 6.4.14 releas v6.4.14
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterReduce IRQ delays
2022-02-22 Michael McMasterDisable direct read code over 128 sectors as it's not...
2022-02-15 Michael McMasterFix SD hotswap regression
2022-02-06 Michael McMasterImprove SD hotswap detection
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterExpand direct SD interface to reads over 128 sectors
2022-02-04 Michael McMasterPerformance improvements for 2021 boards
2022-01-29 Michael McMasterWorkaround for Windows handling USB errors when no...
2022-01-20 Michael McMasterv6.4.13 release v6.4.13
2022-01-15 Michael McMasterTrack start/stop status per virtual scsi device.
2021-11-18 Michael McMasterFix for CD emulation stopping the SCSI drive during...
2021-10-30 Michael McMasterFix for 2Gb cards being detected as 1Gb
2021-10-12 Michael McMasterFix for writes with sector sizes larger than 512 bytes
2021-08-24 Michael McMasterUpdate build util to support python 3.
2021-08-10 Michael McMasterUpdate for release v6.4.12
16 months ago v6.4.14
20 months ago v6.4.13 v6.4.13
2 years ago v6.4.12 v6.4.12
2 years ago v6.4.11 v6.4.11
2 years ago v6.4.10 v6.4.10
2 years ago v6.4.9 v6.4.9
2 years ago v6.4.8 v6.4.8
2 years ago v6.4.7 v6.4.7
2 years ago v6.4.6 v6.4.6
2 years ago v6.4.5
2 years ago v6.4.4 v6.4.4
2 years ago v6.4.3 v6.4.3
2 years ago v6.4.2 In-progress 6.4.2 release. Do not...
2 years ago v6.4.1
2 years ago v6.4.0 v6.4.0
2 years ago V6.3.2-2020 V6.3.2
15 months ago master
19 months ago initiateNegotiate
2 years ago v6.4.7
2 years ago 2020a
2 years ago mutlidev