descriptionSCSI2SD, The SCSI Hard Drive Emulator for retro computing.
last changeMon, 22 Mar 2021 03:48:51 +0000 (13:48 +1000)
2021-03-22 Michael McMasterFix bug in using nor flash storage without SD master
2021-03-18 Michael McMasterRemove unused method
2021-03-16 Michael McMasterMerge branch 'master' of
2021-03-16 Michael McMasterMore v5.2 bug fixes
2021-03-15 Michael McMasterOperator precedence is a thing
2021-03-11 Michael McMasterImprovements to SD media detection, esp. when using...
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterImproved reliability when writing data to flash over USB
2021-03-07 Michael McMasterAdd v5.2 missing generated files norFlash
2021-02-09 Michael McMasterPerform a software reset of the spi flash before init
2021-02-09 Michael McMasterMerge branch 'master' into norFlash
2021-01-31 Michael McMasterAdd SPI NOR Flash as a backend storage device
2021-01-31 Michael McMasterSPI Flash DMA support
2021-01-30 Michael McMasterFix bug with TEST UNIT READY on spi flash storage
2021-01-27 Michael McMasterImplement reading spi flash over SCSI
2021-01-23 Michael McMasterCompile fixes for spi flash read/write
2021-01-20 Michael McMasterAddd spi flash read/write/erase
3 years ago v4.8.4 v4.8.4
3 years ago v4.8.3 v4.8.3 release
4 years ago v4.8.1 v4.8.1 bugfix release
4 years ago v4.8 V5.1 hardware support release.
4 years ago V4.8-RC1 V4.8 Release Candidate 1
5 years ago v4.7.1 Bug fix release
6 years ago v4.7 v4.7 maintenance release
7 years ago v4.6 v4.6 release
7 years ago v4.05.00 v4.5
7 years ago v4.04.00 - Added configuration option to...
7 years ago v4.03.00 v4.03.00 - Configurable geometry...
7 years ago v4.02.04 Version number clarification, and...
7 years ago v4.02.03 Critical bug fix release
7 years ago v4.02.02 Some compatibility improvements...
8 years ago v4.01.01 v4.01.01
8 years ago v4.01.00 V4.01.00
2 years ago master
2 years ago norFlash
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